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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
97191 A black water dog with a stick by a lake Jacques-Laurent Agasse A black water dog with a stick by a lake possibly 1816(1816) or 1836(1836) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 35 X 44.5 cm cyf
58178 An Agasse painting Jacques-Laurent Agasse An Agasse painting An Agasse painting
88932 Edward Cross Jacques-Laurent Agasse Edward Cross 1838(1838) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
79637 Flower Seller Jacques-Laurent Agasse Flower Seller oil on canvas Date 1822 cyf
27309 Foxhounds in a Landscape Jacques-Laurent Agasse Foxhounds in a Landscape oil oil canvas 34 x 41 3/4 in(86.3 x 106 cm)
56204 miss cazenove on a grey hunter Jacques-Laurent Agasse miss cazenove on a grey hunter mk247 1820 to 30,oil on canvas,12x10 in,30.5x25.5 cm,private collection
81124 Playground Jacques-Laurent Agasse Playground 1st half of 19th century Medium Oil on canvas cyf
78590 The Flower Seller Jacques-Laurent Agasse The Flower Seller oil on canvas Date 1822(1822) cyf
7 The Nubian Giraffe Jacques-Laurent Agasse The Nubian Giraffe 1827 The Royal Collection, Windsor Castle, Windsor
58179 The Nubian Giraffe Jacques-Laurent Agasse The Nubian Giraffe The Nubian Giraffe, by Jacques-Laurent Agasse (c.1827), depicts one of the three giraffes sent to Europe by Mehmet Ali Pasha (another was Zarafa). This one was received by George IV in London. The gentleman shown in the top hat is Edward Cross, operator of the menagerie at Exeter Exchange and then Royal Surrey Gardens. Agasse painted many other animals from his collection.
24211 The Nuian Giraffe (mk25) Jacques-Laurent Agasse The Nuian Giraffe (mk25) 1827
97843 Two Leopards Lying in the Exeter Jacques-Laurent Agasse Two Leopards Lying in the Exeter circa 1808(1808) Medium oil on canvas cyf
56182 two leopards playing Jacques-Laurent Agasse two leopards playing mk247 1808,oil on canvas parivat collection
85884 White Horse in Pasture Jacques-Laurent Agasse White Horse in Pasture oil on canvas Date July 1806(1806-07) cyf
24212 White-Tailed Gnus (mk25) Jacques-Laurent Agasse White-Tailed Gnus (mk25) 1828

Jacques-Laurent Agasse
1767-1849 Swiss Jacques-Laurent Agasse Galleries (b Geneva, 24 March 1767; d London, 27 Dec 1849). English painter of Swiss birth. Born into a wealthy and politically influential Huguenot family, Agasse spent his early childhood at the country estate of Cravin, where he may have developed the interest in animals and natural history that was to guide his later career as an artist in England. Agasse trained first at the Ecole du Colibri in Geneva and subsequently in Paris under Jacques-Louis David (beginning in 1787) and possibly under Horace Vernet. His early artistic output consisted chiefly of unpretentious silhouette cut-outs in the style of Jean-Daniel Huber. At this time he also undertook a serious study of dissection and veterinary science.
Sandro Botticelli
All the Sandro Botticelli's Oil Paintings

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