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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
70568 Death of Cleopatra Johann Liss Death of Cleopatra Oil on canvas Dimensions
72557 Death of Cleopatra Johann Liss Death of Cleopatra 1622-24 Oil on canvas 97,5 X 85,5 cm cjr
83340 Der verlorene Sohn Johann Liss Der verlorene Sohn 1624 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Deutsch: 85 x 69 cm cyf
73090 Gastmahl der Ester Detail Johann Liss Gastmahl der Ester Detail Date 1660-1700 Medium Oil on canvas cyf
70623 Morraspiel im Freien Johann Liss Morraspiel im Freien c. 1622 Oil on canvas 74 ?? 54 cm (29.13 ?? 21.26 in)
71423 Sturz des Phaeton Johann Liss Sturz des Phaeton Sturz des Phaeton
95938 Vision of St Jerome Johann Liss Vision of St Jerome circa 1627(1627) Medium oil on canvas cyf

Johann Liss
Also called Jan Lys, (c. 1590 or 1597 - 1627 or 1631) was a leading German Baroque painter of the 17th century, active mainly in Venice. Liss was born in Oldenburg (Holstein) in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. After an initial education in his home state, he continued his studies, according to Houbraken, with Hendrick Goltzius in Haarlem and Amsterdam. Around 1620 he travelled through Paris to Venice. He moved to Rome around 1620?C1622, and his first works there were influenced by the style of Caravaggio. Although his earlier work was concerned with the contrasts of light and shadow, his final move to Venice in the early 1620s modified his style and gave impetus to brilliant color and a spirited treatment of the painted surface.In 1627, he was created an admired large altarpiece, the Inspiration of Saint Jerome in San Nicole da Tolentino. His loose brushstrokes seem precursor to rococo styles of Guardi brothers.This final style, along with that of other "foreign" painters residing in Venice, Domenico Fetti and Bernardo Strozzi, represent the first inroads of Baroque style into the republic. Liss fled to Verona to escape the Plague spreading in Venice, but succumbed there prematurely in 1629. According to Houbraken, he worked day and night on his paintings, so that Joachim von Sandrart felt that his health was at risk and urged him to join him in Rome
Sandro Botticelli
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