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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
37917 A Convoy,North Sea 1918 John Lavery A Convoy,North Sea 1918 mk129 Lavery is better known as a portrait painter. He was one of he first artists to paint naval activity from the air.
26062 A Rally (mk46) John Lavery A Rally (mk46) 1885 Watercolour 65.9x63.4cm Glasgow Art Gallery &Museum
91567 Evelyn Farquhar, wife of Captain Francis Douglas Farquhar daughter of the John Hely-Hutchinson, 5th Earl of Donoughmore John Lavery Evelyn Farquhar, wife of Captain Francis Douglas Farquhar daughter of the John Hely-Hutchinson, 5th Earl of Donoughmore oil on canvas 184 x 120.5 cm 1906
11844 Father and Daughter John Lavery Father and Daughter (Salon of 1900) 6' 10 1/4'' x 4' 1 1/2''(209 x 126 cm)
27990 The Bridge at Grez John Lavery The Bridge at Grez 1883-4 Oil on canvas 76.2 x 183.5cm(30 x 72 1/4in) Private collection (mk63)
38943 The Bridge at Grez John Lavery The Bridge at Grez mk142 1883 Oil on canvas 76.2x182.8cm
96910 The Fairy Fountain John Lavery The Fairy Fountain 1888. Signed and dated 88, oil on canvas, 31 x 26 cm cyf
38944 THe Tennis Party John Lavery THe Tennis Party mk142 1885 Oil on canvas 76.2x183cm
23069 The Tennis Party (nn02) John Lavery The Tennis Party (nn02) 1885 Oil on canvas 30 5/16x72 1/4"
2361 The Thames at Maidenhead John Lavery The Thames at Maidenhead   
96937 Zamaknjenje blazenega Bernarda Korleonskega John Lavery Zamaknjenje blazenega Bernarda Korleonskega 1769(1769) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 210 X 135 cm cyf

John Lavery
1856-1941 Sir John Lavery (20 March 1856 ?C 10 January 1941) was an Irish painter best known for his portraits. Belfast-born John Lavery attended the Haldane Academy in Glasgow, Scotland, in the 1870s and the Acad??mie Julian in Paris in the early 1880s. He returned to Glasgow and was associated with the "Glasgow School". In 1888 he was commissioned to paint the state visit of Queen Victoria to the Glasgow International Exhibition. This launched his career as a society painter and he moved to London soon after. In London he became friendly with James McNeill Whistler and was clearly influenced by him. Like William Orpen, Lavery was appointed an official artist in the First World War. Ill-health, however, prevented him from travelling to the Western Front. A serious car crash during a Zeppelin bombing raid also kept him from fulfilling this role as war artist. He remained in Britain and mostly painted boats, planes and airships. During the war years he was a close friend of the Asquith family and spent time with them at their Sutton Courtenay Thames-side residence, painting their portraits and idyllic pictures like Summer on the River (Hugh Lane Gallery). After the war he was knighted and in 1921 he was elected to the Royal Academy. During this time, he and his wife both became interested in their Irish heritage and were tangentially involved in both the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War: they gave the use of their London home to the Irish negotiators during the Treaty negotiations. After Michael Collins was killed, Lavery painted Michael Collins, Love of Ireland, now in the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery. In 1929 John Lavery made substantial donations of his work to both The Ulster Museum and the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery and in the 1930s he returned to Ireland. He received honorary degrees from the University of Dublin and Queen's University of Belfast. He was also made a free man of both Dublin and Belfast. He died in County Kilkenny, aged 84, from natural causes. He was buried in Putney Vale Cemetery.
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