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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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19125 A Pastoral Landscape with Shepherds and their Flocks Lambert, George A Pastoral Landscape with Shepherds and their Flocks 1744, oil on canvas
82462 landing Lambert, George landing landing 1915 by George Lambert (1873-1930), 1920 - 22 (oil-on-canvas, 190.5 cm by 350.5 cm). cyf
48539 The Garden of 10 Downing Street,London Lambert, George The Garden of 10 Downing Street,London mk90 1736-40 with a view to the canal in St Jame-s Park

Lambert, George
English Painter, ca.1700-1765 English painter. He was a pupil of Warner Hassels ( fl 1680-1710), a portrait painter in Godfrey Kneller's circle, but Lambert's earliest dated painting, Classical Landscape with Two Figures (1723; priv. col.), already shows the influence of the landscape painter John Wootton. From 1726 he worked in London as a scene painter at Lincoln's Inn Fields Theatre; he followed the impresario John Rich to Covent Garden Theatre in 1732 and continued to work there until his death. In 1735 he was a founder-member of the prestigious Beef-Steak Club, an association of actors, men of letters and artists, among them William Hogarth and Rich.
Sandro Botticelli
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