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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
28016 Broken Vows Philip Hermogenes Calderon Broken Vows 1856 Oil on canvas 91.4 x 67.9 cm (36 x 26 3/4 in) Tate Gallery London (mk63)
28208 Her Most High,Noble and Puissant Grace Philip Hermogenes Calderon Her Most High,Noble and Puissant Grace 1865 Oil on canvas 119.4 x 213.4 cm (47 x 84 in)Leeds City Art Gallery (mk63)
98256 Words of Love Philip Hermogenes Calderon Words of Love 1863(1863) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 91.5 x 71 cm cyf

Philip Hermogenes Calderon
English genre, portraits, domestic and historical scenes Painter, 1833-1898 English painter of Spanish and French descent. His father, at one time a Roman Catholic priest, was Professor of Spanish Literature at King's College, London. Calderon studied at James M. Leigh's school in London in 1850, then in Paris at the studio of Fran?ois-Edouard Picot. He lived near by in Montmartre, sharing a room with fellow art student Henry Stacy Marks. He exhibited his first Royal Academy painting, By the Waters of Babylon (London, Tate), in 1853 and thereafter became a regular exhibitor until 1897. He first made his name with Broken Vows (London, Tate), exhibited in 1857. The painting shows a woman overhearing through a garden fence her lover betraying her and was painted in the detailed, clean-cut style associated with the Pre-Raphaelites.
Sandro Botticelli
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