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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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IVERNY, Jacques
Five Heroines

ID: 33353

IVERNY, Jacques Five Heroines
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IVERNY, Jacques Five Heroines

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IVERNY, Jacques

French painter (active about 1411-1435)  Related Paintings of IVERNY, Jacques :. | Portrait of Maria Lopoukhina | Without a Dowry aka Sunday in the Luxembourg Gardens | A Paris Day (mk09) | Two Milliners,Rue du Caire | Landscape with Farm |
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Carlo Ceresa (January 20, 1609 - January 29, 1679) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period active mainly around Bergamo. His early life and training are poorly recorded. He likely trained in Bergamo. He visited Venice, yet esconced himself in the small town of San Giovanni Bianco in Val Bembrana. Mostly recalled for his portraiture, Ceresa also painted altarpieces and religious works in an understated fashion.
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